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It has been over twenty years since St. Bavo has been participating in the MAC Food Pantry.  My husband and I have been involved since 1996.  Now that we are spending a good part of our retirement in Florida, I think it is time that someone who is in town consistently take over the administration of this ministry for St. Bavo.  It really does not take a lot of time as our system seems to work well. 

The most time consuming part is administering the annual renewal of everyone's commitment, making up the new schedules, and communicating with the MAC Food Pantry director when necessary.  The Albright United Methodist Church houses the pantry; and the Mishawaka Alliance of Care (MAC) administers the program. 


I would be happy to work with whoever would take on the ministry.  I plan to continue to volunteer whenever I am in town.  

Please prayerfully consider if God might be calling you to this ministry.

It has been a joy to us over the years.


                                                                                    Mary Ann Canvanah



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