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The Story of St. Bavo

We can learn a lot from the story of St. Bavo (589-657). He lived for nearly fifty years a worldly and dissipated life in which is now present day Belgium. Being left a widower, he was moved to compunction by the preaching of St. Amand.

Withdrawing from his former associates, Bavo gave all his worldly possessions to the poor. He offered himself humbly to St. Amand who received him as a penitent and placed him in a Benedictine Monastery in Ghent, Belgium.

This state of seclusion and penance did not suffice for St. Bavo. He chose, near the end of his life, to withdraw to live in a hollow tree in the forest of Malemedum surviving only on herbs and spring water during these final years.

Artist and parishioner, David M. Layman, graciously created the sculpture of our patron saint, St. Bavo. The sculpture depicts St. Bavo dressed in his Benedictine robe with a scapular, skullcap, and carrying his staff and stone. He is embarking on the first step in his penitent journey of a life in Christ. The word of God is represented on his right side.  St. Bavo is said to have died in his hermitage somewhere aournd the year 657 AD.

Maury and Herlinda Coclquyt and family generously donated the bronze sculpture to our parish in 1989. Their gift to our members is a lasting tetimonial of their love for St. Bavo and their lifetime of commitment ot the parish.

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